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Charlie Siem

International Violin virtuoso and Sony recorded Artist

'Peadar wrote an outstanding arrangement of  John Barry's theme from the movie 'Moonraker' for our tour of China last year (2018). Capturing the haunting beauty of this classic Bond theme, it translated so well onto the Violin'

Celine byrne.jpeg

Celine Byrne

Internationally acclaimed Soprano

'Peadar arranged three famous Irish airs for me in 2012 for performances in Mexico and Dublin (RTENSO). These traditional Airs were given a fresh and sympathetic update with great care and skill taken in both the Solo and Orchestral parts. Peadar is an extremely talented craftsman, professional and efficient. He made such an amazing job of the Irish Airs which are so close to me and so many peoples' hearts'

BSO logo.jpeg

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

'Symphony for All'   2018

'Peadar's commitment to the work was exceptional and he handled the complexity of the brief with ease and control.....we gave Peadar a complicated list of commission parameters, including initial workshops with students to generate material, a large performance ensemble of players ranging from absolute beginners through to post grade 8 instrumentalists alongside the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. As a piece 'Symphony for All' rose to the challenge we had set, delivering an exciting realisation of the student's initial ideas but stretching and developing the raw material into a piece with interesting twists and turns, whilst enabling students to play to their full potential, whatever their standard.'

derek 2.jpeg

Derek Gleeson

Musical Director Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra

Principal Guest conductor Harbin Symphony Orchestra

Chief Executive Officer Film Scoring Academy of Europe

‘One of the great pleasures in life is seeing wonderful friends who are musicians and composers develop, both personally and through their Art, over time.  

I first met Peadar probably more than thirty years ago, I can't even remember exactly when, as it is so long ago.  In any event, both he and I were aspiring "orchestral percussionists" at that time.  Now look at him!  Concert composer, movie composer, wind band composer, arranger, producer, educator, entrepreneur and yes, still a percussionist too. 

Peadar has received commissions to compose and arrange several works for the Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra, the first, in 2008.   These works have been performed throughout the U.S.A and China during various tours, and in the case of China, broadcast to hundreds of millions of people.   

His compositions are magically inventive with imaginative orchestrations and excellent attention to detail, most importantly enveloped in an audience friendly musical environment.  

A methodical artist and craftsman, Peadar always delivers his scores and parts to deadline, with presentation at the highest level of professional quality.  

Basically I'd recommend him to anyone for anything, musical or otherwise.' 


Terry McMahon

Award winning Film Director

'St Patrick's Day', 'Charlie Cassanova'

'Like Stravinsky on acid, Peadar Townsend is a heart-opening, mind altering, heart expanding maverick, and, strangely a damn nice fellow too.'

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